Up To Eleven – in June | MUDAM

Up To Eleven – in June | MUDAM
May 28, 2018

Very pleased to host the UP TO ELEVEN series every Wednesday in June at the Museum of Modern Art Luxembourg.
The motto: 'Step Across The Border' - the common thread for the three events is inspired by the power of improvisation and the idea of freedom and instantaneity in music, art, life.

06/06/2018 18h00-23h00
13/06/2018 18h00-23h00
20/06/2018 18h00-23h00
27/06/2018 18h00-23h00

A part from the 'Ear Massage' playlists, there will be following events, that will always start at 20:00 btw (+/- 1h)

It's free and also a nice opportunity to visit the current exhibitions!

SASCHA LEY (vocals) & MICHEL MEIS (drums) & GIANFRANCO CELESTINO (dance) - Live!
A blind date, celebrating instant music and choreography, between Sascha Ley, Michel Meis - a versatile and open-minded drummer who plays in various groups and projects ranging from jazz/electro to melodic hardcore and free improvised music -, and Gianfranco Celestino - a well-known figure on the contemporary and contact dance scene.
(Playlist: MY FAVORITES I Ear Massage)

Avant-garde documentary film about musician Fred Frith
By Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel
90 minutes
+ Surprise Live!
(Playlist: EXOTICA and LOUNGY Ear Massage)

SASCHA LEY (vocals) & LAURENT PAYFERT (double bass) - Live!
The Gateshead International Jazz Festival portrays the two musicians as a remarkable duo, whose beautifully integrated music breathes new life into familiar songs, while exploring new and bold directions, where Ley’s wordless vocals seamlessly intertwine with Payfert’s free melodic play. Hypnotising and fascinating.
(Playlist: MY FAVORITES II Ear Massage)

THIS REAL COOL FUNKY SHIT Dance Night (Playlist)
Put on your red shoes and dance...