Sascha Ley Solo Inventions

Sascha Ley Solo Inventions
Sep 24, 2018

ECHOES from opening concert on August 12, 2018 at the Gaume Jazz festival in Belgium...

Sascha Ley offers a real performance. The Luxembourg vocalist (who has also been seen alongside Laurent Payfert, double bass player at Jeff Herr Corporation) literally and physically invests the space. She welcomes on the doorstep of the very surprised audience. Breathless, a song made of onomatopoeia, Sascha Ley sways, slips between the benches, strikes them before hitting the chest and stomach. She takes everyone into her strange universe and then settles in the choir of the church, seizes the microphone and starts a siren’s song. She accompanies herself with an electric piano, a bow she slides over an electric guitar, a loop machine, and she sings airy and otherworldly melodies. Then she declaims a poetry that rebounds on her music. The song becomes lingering, a bit like Laurie Anderson, between lyricism and raw blues. She combines smooth softness and eccentricities. The moment is intense, haunting, confusing. And it's wonderful. Jacques Prouvost (B) 08/18

Luxembourg's Sascha Ley (the adventurer) is proving to be a champion of instant creations. J.-L. Gillet, The Meuse (B) 08/18

On her own with her synth, her loop machines, her horizontal guitar, she delivers an inspired, original show, using her voice as an instrument, singing, blowing, chanting, giving rhythm through her breathing. She really interprets her pieces, we feel her thoughts, her interrogations, her questionings.
Le soir (B) 08/18