Jan 17, 2019

PIECE EN PLASTIQUE (Piece Of Plastic/originally Stück Plastik) by Marius von Mayenburg
Performed in French language | en langue française

Marc Baum, Sascha Ley, Rosalie Maes, Antoine Morin, Massimo Riggi

Director – Marion Poppenborg
Costumes – Ulli Kremer
Stage set – Ruth Groß
Assistant – Daliah Kentges
Production Théâtre du Centaure

Please follow the link to the Théâtre du Centaure's website to get the information in French


An acidic and scathing comedy about social relations, the power of art and that of money.

Michael and Ulrike do not know where to turn anymore: busy with their work and baffled by the precocious puberty of their son, they hire Jessica as a housekeeper, to relieve them a little. They believe they are saving their seemingly idyllic family life. Jessica quickly becomes essential to everyone.

But who exactly is this woman whose physical presence is asserting day by day? How to behave "right" with her? What does one offer to his cleaning lady for Christmas? Is it socially conceivable to form friendships with her?

One day, Ulrike's chief artist, Haulupa, notices the seductive Jessica and decides to hire her as a performer.

As often, the boundaries between admiration and humiliation are porous.

Marius von Mayenburg's work Piece plastique (translated to French by Mathilde Sobottke) is edited and represented by L'Arche, publisher and theatrical agency. www.arche-editeur.com

January 2019 : 16, 17*, 18, 25, 26, 27*, 29, 30, 31*
February 2019 : 1, 2
Start at 20h00
18h30 on Thursday and Sundays (*)