Artists for Artists

Artists for Artists
Dec 9, 2020

Christmas Doheem
Album Release (online) on December, 7
starts 19:30

& you can still watch it:

During a time where it has become nearly impossible for artists to perform live in front of their beloved audiences, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and get creative! As this Christmas season will surely be quite different from any that we‘ve ever experienced, Steven Pitman & Lata Gouveia have come up with an idea on how to bring some much needed Christmas spirit into peoples lives/homes and, at the same time, create some financial support for the artists involved.
Together with some well known independent artists we have created a new CD which will feature Christmas songs, interpreted by local artists that have had to deal with countless cancelled concerts and financial losses since March due to the COVID pandemic.
​The CD includes 12 songs by as many artists and will be available at CACTUS stores throughout Luxembourg in early December.
Our goal is to sell as many CD‘s as possible before Christmas and this will serve to help the participating artists financially.
We are very thankful to be officially supported by the "Ministère de la Culture".
If you'd like to purchase the CD and support this project, please visit our website for details

with Lata Gouveia, Sascha Ley, Kid Colling, Sarah Candle, Fred Barett, Stephany Ortega, Kinga Rose, Gregório/Julia Agudo, Francisco Fernandez, Cheyenne Janas, Chris Reitz/Valentina Becker and Steven Pitman