Der Besuch der alten Dame

Der Besuch der alten Dame
Sep 11, 2021

Playing Claire Zachanassian in Dürrenmatts classic "Der Besuch der alten Dame" (The Visit)

Biergerbühn/ILL/Théâtre d'Esch: The Visit (of the Old Lady)
Friedrich Dürrenmatt

How can a woman empower herself? Independent Little Lies, together with Biergerbühn, stage Dürrenmatt's classic The Visit at the Théâtre d'Esch. The play's content is red-hot and political: a woman uses her own story of suffering to expose structural inequalities and fights patriarchy with its own weapons! After thirty-five years, Claire Zachanassian returns to her impoverished home village of Güllen. As a young girl she was in love with Alfred Ill, their relationship was happy until Claire became pregnant. Ill shamed her in front of the village, thus absolving himself of any responsibility. The consequence: she had to leave - he stayed. How does Ill react to the reunion with the now influential Claire? What happens to a village community when it is offered a billion for the death of one of its fellow citizens? The production is created collectively and participatively: the citizens shape the play together with ILL - on and behind the stage as well as on a textual level and through the expressive dance Butoh.

With Marc Baum, Fabienne Hollwege, Sascha Ley, Jean-Paul Maes, Philippe Thelen, Annette Schlechter and the citizens of Biergerbühn: Laura Anastasi, Martine Berna, Sylvie Ewen-Gindt, Alessandra Forgiarini, Karim Gerin, Geneviève Hengen, Christiane Kolber, Marie Mathieu, Géraldine Philipczyk, Franca Romeo, Samanta Rotolo, Lisa Tondock, Nadine Wagner, Corinne Wirion.
Direction and text: Claire Thill
Dramaturgy and text: Oliwia Hälterlein
Choreography: Sayoko Onishi
Theatre pedagogy: Linda Bonvini, Anja Hoscheit
Stage design: Theresa Scheitzenhammer
Costume design: Michèle Tonteling
Costume assistance: Alexandra Lichtenberger
Additional assistant costumes: Laurie Lamborelle, Tiziana Raffaelli and the citizens of the Biergerbühn: Irina Hernández, Eliane Jaeger, Abedom Kibreab, Bota Serikbaeva, Khalil Soumahoro
Music: Emre Sevindik
Lighting: Marc Thein
Assistant director and librettist: Claire Wagener
Production management: Jill Christophe
Coordination Beer Stages: Sandy Artuso

Tickets: (+352) 27 54 5010

photo by P. Galbats for ILL & Théâtre d'Esch