Past & Present: Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE – Livestream

Past & Present: Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE – Livestream
Jan 6, 2021

Georg Ruby - piano
Stephan Goldbach - double bass
Daniel "D-Flat" Weber - drums
Sascha Ley - vocals

January, 15, 2021 | 20h00
Livestream from the Stadtgarten, Köln

Two preferences are unmistakable in Georg Ruby, Stephan Goldbach and Daniel "D-Flat" Weber: on the one hand, unconditional agreement in the realization of their own compositions far from the hierarchy of long-outdated concepts of the piano trio; on the other hand, the desire for free, spontaneous improvisation. Here the trio devotes itself in an uncompromising way to the principle of "instant composing", the spontaneous improvisations that arise on stage or in the studio without guidelines or prior agreements.

The concept of VILLAGE ZONE leaves astonishing traces on the listener: it deliberately deprives the piano of its claim to the leading role within the band structure, and the result is stretches of sound and improvisation that often make the VILLAGE ZONE trio appear as a single body of sound, as a kind of "total instrument". Thus, it is indeed not possible to make out at every point which musician is currently active in which role. The original preparations of the piano strings, the double bass and the drum set not only create an extraordinary colourfulness of the band's sound, but at some points even the impression of hearing four or five musicians instead of a trio.

Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE presents in the second part of "Past & Present" the Luxembourgish vocalist and performer Sascha Ley: Sascha Ley is known far beyond her home country for her original and undogmatic projects. As a renowned, internationally active actress, multilingual singer, improviser and poet, she treads her musical paths in the fields of jazz, free improvisation, imaginary folklore and contemporary music light-footedly and far from any conventionality.

The trio production "Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE" has been voted among the twelve best international productions of 2019 by "ALL ABOUT JAZZ", by far the world's most important and influential jazz music website with 500,000 visitors and 2.5 million page views per month.

The concert will be accompanied by an interview: Georg Ruby in conversation with Michael Rüsenberg.