Apr 20, 2020

We have started to work on ONIRISÉE - A Radio Theatre Play about the female artists in surrealism, opening in December 2020.
In collaboration with my colleagues from France and Germany - Élodie Brochier, Katharina Bihler and Stefan Scheib.

The video gives a first glimpse of our exciting language, sound and image project ONIRISEE, a radio theatre piece about women artists in surrealism.
We are currently experiencing an intensive online and digital collaboration in these times of the corona crisis. If the latter is under control by then, we will open the staged live radio play at the Small Theater Saarbrücken, followed by a show at the Mierscher Kulturhaus in December 2020.

Thanks to the Netzwerk freie Szene Saar - Das virtuelle Produktionshaus for opening their new platform with our work.
Thanks to the Ministry of culture Luxembourg and the Ministry of culture Saarland for sustaining the creative process.

Stay tuned!