Release “Saluti a Peppino” Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE feat Sascha Ley

Release “Saluti a Peppino” Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE feat Sascha Ley
Apr 20, 2021

Happy to be part of this fantastic trio!

Release May 15, 2021

JHM 279 2021

Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE – Saluti a Peppino
JHM 279
Georg Ruby - p
Stephan Goldbach - b
Daniel Weber - dr
Sascha Ley - voc (#3, 6, 10, 12)

"Georg Ruby's trio Village Zone can certainly be described as a new interpretation of the classical jazz piano trio. In the many spontaneous improvisational stretches of "Saluti a Peppino," one recognizes a structural evolution of the jazz trio into a kind of "total instrument," a single body of sound without the usual leading role of the piano. Joining them on four tracks is the great Luxembourg vocalist Sascha Ley. In the intense version of Michel Legrand's "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life," one immediately senses the quality of a spiritual, communicative alliance. Otherwise, "Saluti a Peppino" is a pretty cheeky piece of music. With what chutzpah the three musicians adapt the two songs "St. Tropez Twist" and "Le Stelle d'Oro", works of the Italian hit and old folklore master Peppino di Capri, singing and playing, on the one hand pays high respect to di Capri's originals, on the other hand proves how much exuberant fun, how much materialized endorphin an extraordinary band is capable of producing."